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Breath of the Windy City

I adore Chicago a little more every time I visit.

My best friend (AKA my photographer for these shots YAY) and I went down to Chicago to see a show involving another dear friend of ours.  The company is just starting up, but the show came off beautifully!

I have been searching for a black faux leather jacket for awhile, and I've finally found one I like!  It may be getting studded in the very near future for added badassery.

You'll be seeing more of Piera's photography in my next post!

Tee: American Eagle Outfitters || Belt: Express || Skirt: Charlotte Russe || Shoes: thrifted || Jacket: thrifted || Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton || Shades: Marshall's || Bracelet: Maurice's || Earrings: Express

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  1. rawr i still think you look like a total vixen in that one picture XD


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