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What a Wonderful World

Hello.  I have flowers in my hair.  :)

My Arm Party is killin' it.

my lil ole thrifted Louis backpack/purse  <3
Photos by my dear friend, Emilee.
Editing done by yours truly.

I picked this dress up at my local St. Vincent DePaul ("St. Vinny's" to me [and all who talk to me for more than five minutes]).  Originally the white opaque layer underneath was as long as the crochet top layer, but I took it home and chopped it off to make it a more interesting article of clothing.  I may even attempt to make it some sort of hi-lo hemline... Thoughts?

You'll be seeing a lot more of my "re-design" creations soon (I'm currently working on jazzing up an old leather jacket and attempting to turn a dress into a peplum top...heh heh We shall see just how far my hand-stitching "skillz" and Bedazzler can take me *sweatdrop*).
(If you follow me on Instagram [@Spritzy88], you'll get some sneak-peaks of works in progress before they reach the bloggity-blog here.)

Dress: thrifted/DIY || Denim Shirt: H&M || Belt: H&M || Necklaces/Arm Party: thrifted & gifted || Bag: thrifted || Wedges: Target || Flower Headband: ???I can't remember???

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  1. Hi lovely! I like what you did with the dress- you're right more interest with the shorter slip and the looong sheer over it! I'm on instagram (rosebudz) so I'm off to find you now! xo. Bella Q


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