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A Day at the Lake

OMG, LOOK:  flats.
Hubby was kind enough to take these pictures for me.
We were at a family party, and I totally forgot to photo-document my outfit until it was dusk!  I tried to brighten the photos uyp a bit when I edited them, only sort-of worked.  Oh well: you still get the gist, right?

Now, this gathering was a shorts-and-t-shirt affair.  But I'm none too keen on shorts: much prefer a (more flattering) skirt.  So I intended to just throw on some cool and comfy cotton clothes for the long drive up to my aunt's cottage, annnnnd then I thought, 'wow, this belt would give me a nice cinched waistline...and I wonder if I could pin this brooch on...and oh, look how cute my oversized faux pearls are! let's just try them on for funzies...' and so on and so on.

And all of a sudden, I was overdressed.  :( 

Now, overdressing used to be a gargantuan faux pas...let's hope that that rule isn't as stringent anymore. 
Actually, rules in general are kinda "out" when it comes to fashion at large, so I'm probably pretty safe.

Anyway, my family usually gets a kick out of my clothes, so I didn't let them down, at least. 
And the afternoon and evening were lovely: sitting outside by the lake and chatting while sipping my uncle's fabulous brandy Old Fashionds (sweet for me, of course).

Top: thrifted || Skirt: thrifted || Brooch: ? || Pearls: thrifted || Flats: hand-me-down || Bag: Forever21


  1. What a pretty top. I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed!


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