Newcomers to the (Ef)Face: Check These Out!

Two Questions to Start Off This Post:

Question 1.) How can you wear jeans and a t-shirt to be comfy and still somehow be fashion-forward?

Question 2.) How awesome is Q'doba?

Now, I betcha I can answer both of those questions...

Answer to Question 1.) Colored denim is the way to go! 
It started to pick up speed this spring, was really coming into its own during summer, and now for fall and winter, colored denim is a MUST.  They're even making it more fancy: coating/lacquering colored denim with different finishes.  I'm excited to try a helping of that trend!  How about you, dear readers?
It always helps to pair fun things with your denim to keep the fashion vibes going, too: I took an oversized tee and did a bit of fixing to it (you'll see a better photo below), and then threw on nerd glasses and an arm party (one of which I am very proud, and I hope the Man Repeller would be, too [she coined the phrase, "arm party," after all]).

Answer to Question 2.) Very.
They serve fabulous, HUGE burritos, give me extra steak on my fabulous, HUGE burrito, and then let me sit on their patio tables and shove chairs around without so much as a word.  Q'doba, I salute you.

You can see the shirt I DIY'd a bit better.  
Here's the story:
 It was super-clearance time at our local Boston Store (well, prettymuch everywhere, actually; everyone is making room for new fall merch), so I went and indulged.  I got these pink Calvin Klein jeans that I've been coveting since the beginning of summer, and I haphazardly threw a size Large t-shirt into the bag (it was on clearance for $3.00), as well.  I get home, and it turns out I love the tee!  It's light as air, and has the cute pocket and V-neck, buuuut it's simply too big.  I wanted to keep the oversize vibe going, though, so I just picked up a pair of scissors, cut a line straight up from the bottom of the shirt until it was about three inches long, and then tied the two sides together to create some fit and added interest. Boom.  :)

Anyway, my denim and my shoes are both Calvin Klein, and both pieces really speak my soul.  Calvin Klein has always been one of my favorites: it was that brand that brought me into the world of fashion and style.

To conclude: here's a quick peek at my latest mani experimentation and then the Rundown:

Thanks, as always, for reading!

An ombre/gradient of pastel pink and mint.
Jeans: Calvin Klein || Shoes: Calvin Klein || Tee: Studio Works || Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton || Nerd Glasses: Forever 21 || Arm Party: thrifted

Suspendered Animation

Photos by my lil brother (unfortunately taken with my phone: sorry for poor quality)

That's right, ladies and gentlemen: I'm wearing suspenders!  Woo!  And loving it.
Found these beauties at a thrift store for less than a dollar.  And they, plus a belt, turned a pair of styleless, hip-hugging shorts into some trendy, high-waisted shorts.  :)  My brother commented that I looked like a hipster.  I told him: that's OK; I just wear what I like! 

This outfit makes me really happy.

I hope you all, my darling readers, don't get bored with black/red/white...they're my favorite colors to put together: you'll probably see it a lot on my lil blog.  In fact, you probably already have lol...
I like wearing super-contrasting colors because I have super-contrasting hair and skin.  My hair is nearly black and my skin is nearly translucent haha (these photos have been taken at a time when I still have very perceptible tanlines, soooo I'm usually even whiter than they show!).  

What are your favorite colors/combinations to wear?
Or do you think a bit more outside the box than I do?  ;)

You can kinda see my mani: pale pink with b&w stripes on the ring finger.
Love this color coral for lipstick!  It makes even my tiny mouth really POP. 

Shirt: thrifted || Collar: H&M || Tie: DIY || Suspenders: thrifted || Shorts: TJ Maxx || Bracelets: thrifted cuff & wrapped necklace from Forever 21 || Shoes: thrifted || Belt: White House | Black Market || Bag: Forever 21

Goodness, I didn't really realize how many pieces are in this outfit!  haha  It seemed like I just kept writing and writing and writing the Rundown!

Three Casual Looks (subtitled: H&M Belt Spectacular!!!)

First of all, I want to say:
for giving me over 50 followers via G.F.C.!!!

I am so excited!  It seems like I started this blog such a short time ago...just last November.  And I hope that my content and blog with only keep growing bigger and better from here.  
Thank you so much for caring about this little artistic outlet of mine.  :)  You inspire me!

And now I'll give you what you came here for: some fashion
And--because I'm so happy--I'm trying something new: giving you three outfits in one post!  Relaxed and casual outfits.

And I didn't even realize until I was captioning these photos that I'm sporting the same belt in all of them!  My beloved H&M goes with so much and actually fits my waist!  It's long enough to tie in fun knots, too.

I ran to the library and grocery store in this ensemble.
I'm much more of a dress kinda girl.  All the magazines are telling me that pants are the chic thing right now, but I often feel better in a dress.

And dresses don't always have to be "pretty," either (though I do like them that way); pairing my ruffled rainbow-striped dress with cowboy boots and aviators (see below) adds a bit of edge:

Dress: Target || Bag: thrifted || Sunglasses: ? || Belt: H&M || Boots: Forever 21 || Watch: ?
Now here's the same belt again with another dress.
I wear this belt all the time, and the greatest part of it all is that I merely bought it in conjunction with a skirt.  I never knew how much I would use it: I just lucked out that it came with the skirt!  God looks out for me so well.  :)

This was worn to a pool party at my friend's house (on a VERY HOT DAY)..  I adore these shoes!

Shirtdress/Belt: H&M || Scarf: thrifted || Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton || Watch: ? || Shoes: Calvin Klein from Marshall's || Sunglasses: Marshall's || Earrings: thrifted

Longing for Steel Drums

Are you as in love with this flamingo-printed tunic as I am??? 
Yet another thrifty find courtesy of my parents' giftcard.  :)

Can you find the [albino?] flamingos hiding in the foliage?
It was so nice to add something with a print to my wardrobe.  I don't wear prints often, since I am--at heart--a minimalist.  But this happy tunic was just too goooooood!  Just wearing it makes me feel like I'm on vacation at some riche resort...

And it gets even better...

There's elastic in the neckline, so it can also be worn off-the-shoulder! 

 It's a bit of a sultry look, and diaphanous fabric is perfectly body-skimming, probably better for night than day, but the soft pink color of the tunic keeps it sweet enough.

Tunic: thrifted, but originally from Target by the Webster || White cut-offs: DIY from hand-me-down pants || Sandals: old || Sunglasses: Marshall's || Belt: American Eagle Outfitters

a Short(s) Story

A very casual look.  I'm still attempting to master understated elegance.  (Which is an especially difficult concept to master, because it involves two qualities which I don't really have: a mature understanding of clothes and MONEY [generally] I'll just settle for having icons to look up to/copy and thrift stores!)

This silk blouse was an indirect birthday gift from my folks (it was purchased with the giftcard they gave me).  I was going for that pajama top kind of look that's so big right now.  Super-comfy.  :)

making a funny face in this photo...sorry

Blouse: thrifted || Collar: H&M || Shorts: old (I think they're from Target?) || Cuff: thrifted || Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton || Shoes : thrifted

the Sweetest Thing

It's my birthday, and I'll wear vintage if I want to!

My birthday this year was very special and very fun.  :) 
Basically, I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world!  And here's the evidence:

My husband and in-laws made breakfast for me: eggs, bacon, Swedish pancakes (my in-laws are very Swedish), fruit, etc etc etc...  Breakfast is my favorite meal, and they all got up at 6:00am just to do this for me before work!
Not only did they do all this, but they got me the nicest gift!  Apparently, my hubby had it bought and hidden, like, a month ago!  Which--if anyone knows my hubby, they understand--is ASTOUNDING.  It is pictured below:

Eeeeee!!!  Designer perfume!  And not thrifted, either!

This is my all-time favorite scent!!  And my hubby remembered me remarking on it, and got it for me!  It came in such a nice gift set, too (his mom and sister helped with that bit heehee).

Then, that evening, my folks and lil bro took me out to my favorite little Italian place (where these photos were snapped) for dinner. 
I wore a vintage dress and Armani perfume and carried my Prada bag and just generally felt like a million bucks!!!
They got me a Goodwill gift certificate--the fruits of which you will be seeing soon, my dear readers--and a new CD:

I've been listening to it nonstop!

Lately on Instagram

 My lil sister-in-law also got my the lip color I'm wearing here.  :)

the Rundown
dress: thrifted || necklace: gift || lipcolor: Revlon || shoes: thrifted || bag: thrifted Prada || belt: White House | Black Market