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Fashion Week Outfit Day 2

So I've noticed I wasn't the only non-New-Yorker celebrating Fashion Week.  :)  This makes me happy. 

It was so much fun to watch the live streaming runway shows...except for looking in the mirror afterwards and getting the rude reminder that not everybody's legs look like that.  *sigh*...hahaha  I may as well get used to it: my length is in my torso, not my legs.  I've got so many new Post-It's of inspiration and design drawings stuck everywhere in my apartment, it looks like an office-supply store exploded in there!  There are some shows I keep watching again and again...especially Tadashi Shoji and Zac Posen...*sigh* I'm in looooove...

Anyway, dear readers:
What trends did you notice for Spring?  

I noticed--more than anything else--the pin-straight hairDoes this mean I'll need to cook my hair with a flatiron again???  And I didn't see any bangs, but I'm keeping mine!  I don't care that much about trends.
Other things I noticed were: monochromatic outfits (especially in white), which I've always been a fan of, so you'll definitely be seeing me jump on that particular bandwagon (oh, hey! just look at this post!), and the comeback of the delicate dress of which I'm pretty sure many of my faithful readers are already well-aware of my fandom.

So, my Day 2 of Fashion Week Look.  :)
Kinda more city-slicker than I usually wear (except if I actually was walking around downtown NY I'm pretty sure I'd get a few blisters from these shoes).
This look combines my favorite color (I'll give you one guess as to which color it is), layers, menswear, and geometry: all of which are style fetishes of mine.  AND it's comfortable!  Almost too good to be true!

Finally, a photo that makes me look as tall as I am!  I'm 5'9", but I've
noticed it's hard to show that without a proper photographer.
You'll be seeing a post every day this week, because I've got a few MBFW outfits stockpiled.  :)  Hope you enjoy!

kisses goodbye (for now)
 Coat: an oldie but a goodie || Shirt: thrifted || Shorts: thrifted || Necklace: thrifted || Bag: thrifted || Shoes: thrifted || Sunnies: Target


  1. OH wow, I am so in love with this look! YOu look amazing! Red is so your color girl and you look like you are on the runway in this outfit. You are so pretty! Have a great day! xx Pip

  2. Cute outfit, the red color is so pretty!

    Btw, thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. I just followed you on GFC, hope you did the same! And if you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know if you do through a comment or a post on my facebook page and I'll definately follow you back!

    Have a lovely day,


  3. That's an amazing coat! I love red coats. They are so classic and devilish. And I loved Zac Posen's show. I've really been enjoying many of the shoes. <3


  4. No surprise that I really like it, I am a big fan of red, and it suits *no pun intended, so well!


  5. I love this total red outfit! Very newyorker !

  6. You look super fierce! Totally love the outfit!

    Nice blog!

  7. Love this outfit, red is my favourite colour hehe!
    Gorgeous, and love the fact that nearly everything
    you're wearing is thrifted, amazing finds!

    Take care,



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