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Rockabilly-Style BBQ

Dear readers, I apologize for my extended absence! 
My uploading process (meaning: emailing my photos from my phone to my online email account...woo! fancy) has been failing me lately (luckily, my phone is up for upgrade in about a month!  I'm looking around for one with a better camera to hopefully give you better quality photos). 
So forgive me, my friends, and I hope you enjoy this simple little summer ensemble featuring my: 

Cute Little Rockabilly-Style Halter Dress

A friend of mine was all like: "Those are, like, girly Michael Jackson shoes!"  I was flattered.  :)

These photos were snapped at my folks' house just before dinner on Sunday evening.  You can see the smoking grill just behind me...mmm...

I'm communing with my mother's plants; trying to convince them to stay alive!!!  Mama is a serial plant killer [and she doesn't wear jewelry, and she's allergic to perfume...we can never get away with buying her cliche gifts!  thwarted, again].

Looking at these photos, I'm pleased to see that my tan is fading a lot.  :)  I can't seem to help wanting to tan for summertime when my thighs are hangin' out of shorts/bikinis (*shudder*), but I always feel more like myself when I'm paler. 
What about you guys? 
Do you tan even though it's bad for your skin (like I do)?  Do you like how Hollywood stars and models seem to be turning back to "pale is pretty?" 

Dress: thrifted || Brooch: thrifted || Necklace: gifted || Shoes: thrifted || Watch: thrifted || Bag: Aldo


  1. cute! love the shoes and the bag. :) don't lbds and polka dots just make you feel like a million bucks?
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  2. So cute look! I am very inspired about 50s and rockabilly at the moment, this is so adorable dress ! And I like to keep myself pale, tan doesn't suit me very well :)

  3. Your bag is so pretty - very Hermes Kelly inspired! ;-)

  4. Love the rockabilly look! Yes I do tan, but only a bit on my arms and legs to get my vitamin D. Baking in the sun, no way!


  5. Wow..!! Such a nice post. . Keep posted...
    follow each other via bloglovin'?


  6. That is an such amazing bag ! Love the outfit . Maybe we could follow each other ?:)

  7. Thank you and also I want to tell name of your blog is such cute.I am following your blog :)

  8. THis is such a great look. Ver vintage and very adorable.

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    Good luck :)

  9. You are so pretty girl. :* LADY!

  10. I'm following you ;)


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