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How's my tie?

I went to an outdoor wedding in the middle of September...It was lovely, but freezing!  And the invitation expressly forbade the wearing of heels.  :(

Puzzled, I thought for three days about how to dress for this affair...and came up with this at the last second.

I may have out-dressed the groom.  ;)  Just kidding!!!
I did receive lots of compliments, though. 
And the best part?  I was toasty warm!  I put on leggings and two pairs of knee socks underneath my slacks, and four shirts underneath my button-up shirt...heh heh.

This outfit was inspired by Ralph Lauren (my favorite).  They always use black, white, and gold; and their Fall 2012 campaign photo in circulation is a lady in a tophat:

Loooooooove itttttttttttt...
Of course, I'm no gorgeous blonde, but I had an awful lot of fun wearing my black, white, and gold outfit with my top(ish)hat, too.

Hat: little shop in Cedarburg || Blouse: thrifted || Blazer: MaxRave || Vest: thrifted || Tie: stolen from Hubby || Slacks: old || Shoes: thrifted || Watch: thrifted || Clutch: David's Bridal || Pin: hand-me-down

Wanna see what my hubby wore? 
He picked it out all by himself! 
Except for the hat...which he actually did wear!!!  I was amazed...
I think he looks smashing.

Thanks so much for reading!!!


  1. Lovely looks you both have! I really like your hat, looks great! Kinda reminds me of Marlene Diethrich too !:)

    Yours sincerely,
    Sara of Ladylike Delicacy

  2. Hi Caitlin! I can't even tell you how much I love this outfit! I also am a huge Ralph Lauren fan and your re-creation is amazing! You are so pretty and your hubby looked great as well! The tie is perfect and I am sure you outdressed that groom! ;) xx Pip

  3. Adorbs! So quirky, but appropriate. Love ya

  4. oeh so cool!
    its really awesome!

    new outfitpost ; let the red get in your head!

  5. You're like the only person who could pull this off... well done

    1. I don't know about ONLY but I'm glad you like it!

  6. What a cool outfit! I love the layering & your hat is adorable <3

  7. Wooow awesome outfit!!! I love menswear!

    Sophisticated Lace

  8. No heels?! That's blasphemy! What was the reasoning behind that? I'm just curious because I've never heard a request like that before. I LOVE your outfit! It is very Ralph Lauren inspired. I've actually been very inspired by Ralph Lauren's fall/winter collection. It's menswear meets equestrian. I think you pulled off the look very nicely! <3

    The Love Hanger

    1. Heels were rejected because the wedding was at a campground. The terrain was pretty treacherous. But, still, I KNOW, RIGHT??? My husband was shocked when he looked down at my feet and said, " OWN flat shoes?" lol

  9. I love your tie :) Love the outfit too!

  10. very original dandys style - you look great

  11. Teehee it's my brother :) I love his hat. It made the outfit ^_^


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