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My Colorful Life

I find it interesting that an all black & white ensemble can be one of the more "colorful" ones I've ever created.

Inspired majorly by KARL by Karl Lagerfeld.  Wish I had the technology/skills for a proper photoshoot...

I'm feeling pretty punked out...listening to some hardcore dubstep while driving [too fast, as always] suited me today.

detail of accessories

detail of pattern on pants
I've wanted a chic pair of pants like this forEVER.  Found them at Goodwill yesterday.  I never thought I'd fit into them, because they are a much smaller size than I've ever worn...but, lo, and behold!  So that made me feel good, too!  And I picked up four new AMAZING pairs of was such a lucky day!

Blazer: thrifted
Button-up: Express
Pants: thrifted
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Gloves: Forever21
Bracelets: thrifted
Necklace: ?
Clutch: Payless

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  1. zomg PANTS. no one but you could rock those. this has a "i planned on the paparazzi taking a shot of me in this" feel


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