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Sweatered All Over {BEWARE: Photo-Overload}

Shhh...don't tell, 'cuz it's kind-of-not-really illegal, but that's a real Army-issue overcoat! Stolen from hubby.

Pose? I dunno what I'm doing, don't ask me. BLUE STEEL.

the outfit at its most basic

OOPS!  You caught me doing some laundry!

handmade for me by Shellie, a family friend
Sorry for the Photo Overload, but this outfit was just too fun to play with!  Sooooo many options/layers/textures...denim and corduroy and cable-knit, OH MY!

I've been seeing a trend of wearing thigh-high stockings/socks lately.  Decided to try it with the only thigh-high thing I own: those ivory cable-knit socks.  Turned out like I wanted it to: very innocent-looking.  Whew... Thigh-high things are suuuuper risky, I think. 

My Gauge of Approximate Tartiness is how comfortable I'd feel running into my extremely conservative mother in the outfit in question. 

I'd feel fine meeting her in this.  :-)  So it passes.

Hat: gift
Coat: shhhhh...
Sweater: gift
Denim Button-up: H&M
Tank: H&M
Skirt: thrifted
Socks: ?
Boots: Michael by Michael Kohrs from T.J. Maxx
Tote: Target

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  1. lol the Gauge of Approximate Tartiness.
    the GAT.
    love it.


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