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a Slouchy, Sunny Day


40 degrees again today!!  Yay for shorts in February!
I'm semi-obsessed with this gradiented (is that a word?) top...I've had it for awhile, and neve realized that it was actually the rockinest (I know that isn't a word, but oh well) button-up ever.  It's so light that it just slouch-tucks perfectly!
>>So, yes: the button-up fades to being lighter on the bottom than it is on the top on purpose: it's not due to my camera sucking (though there's plenty of that going on, too) or a laundering accident.  ;-)

I like this outfit, because it's suuuuper comfy, and the unstructured nature of the top and shorts is balanced by the harshness of black tights and fierce booties.

I kinda wanted to put some color in there (black and grey? bo-ring!!!), but couldn't think of a way to accomplish it.  Any ideas???

Button-up: Gap
Shorts: TJ Maxx
Tights: ?
Booties: Payless
Ring: ForLove21


  1. Oooh I love those shorts, and awesome deal!! And the ombre top is great!

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  3. Lovely, so simple but classy, you look awesome on it :)
    I also love your outfit on your older posting, i follow you :)
    I just can't wait for you next posting :D

    Lets visit mine and may be you can follow me too

  4. that is so great that it's warm enough for shorts! lucky!


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