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cyanide sweet tooth suicide

Thought of that title because I'm rocking candy colors today.  and because my outerwear look is so different from the feel of what I'm wearing under'll see what I mean.

Here are swatches of the colors I'm wearing:

Smooshed all together like that, they remind me of the patchwork elephant book.


I was trying for a soft '50s look. 
Makes me want to crank some Frank Sinatra tunes...I love Old Blue Eyes.

Just for fun.  I can't wear yellow clothes because of my skin tone, so I wear it on my nails when I need some sunshine.  I really need some right now: we're starting to hit the doldrums of winter. As a bonus: you get a bit better view than usual of my wedding ring.  :)
Both my hubby and I thought I was gonna be a solitaire-in-a-plain-band kind of girl...boy were we wong.  Buying this ring together was really when my love for bling began...the ring poisoned me lol

PS--Whenever I say "manicure," I don't mean professionally done.  I may wear a fur coat, but it was thrifted.  I'm not that uppity lol

Anyway, now we transition (not very smoothly) from a sweet, soft, pastel palette to THIS:

This is kinda like: rarr I punch you in the face with elegance!
A more educated way of saying that is: instead of soft elegance, it's stark elegance.  lol  I like them both.

Love these earrings...they remind me of the pair pictured below
that Audrey Hepburn (my forever idol) wore in Sabrina.

Cardigan: Gap
Top: Express
Skinnies: Forever21
Kitten Heels: thrifted
Bag: NineWest
Scarf: thrifted
Earrings: thrifted
Lip Color: Candy Pink--Revlon

Fur Coat: thrifted
Shades: thrifted
Scarf: knitted especially for me by Wendy  :)  THANKS, WENDY!!!

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  1. you also have cool friends who buy you furs ^_*
    p.s. that is a winking smile. ha


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