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All Sorts of Swept

Songs of the Day:
Daft Punk--Digital Love
Five Iron Frenzy--Dandelions

Here is what I meant by my title:
Windswept:  My outfit makes it look like I should get on a horse and go riding through the English countryside.  Either that, or pilot a plane across the ocean a la Amelia Earhart.  I blame the belted blazer...blame it in such a good way.  :)

Sideswept:  My bangs are finally long enough to sweep to the side nicely!  I'm glad of the good hair day, 'cuz the rest of my body doesn't feel so hot.  It's just a minor cold, though; I suppose I'll live (and continue to thank God for makeup, otherwise I'd look like a ghost today). 

Swept Off My Feet:  Can't let life get you down!  That's why I'm trying to wear more bold and light colors during winter. 

I've written "swept" so many times now, it's to the point where it's starting to look misspelled to my

 Love to any and all who have found my little blog.

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