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Punky Makeup Tutorial

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE: I wish to make a disclaimer regarding the low quality of the photos my camera takes.

That is an extra-large-sized photo of MY FACE. Unnerving.

This is a lot more makeup than I usually wear day-to-day, buuuuut it's all in good fun, right?

1.) Start with your foundation and concealer.  I went really pale (not that I need much help looking ghostly...sigh): makes the look more starkly contrasting.  Make sure to cover your lips in foundation, too.

Well, figuratively, not really, but the goal is kinda to look as if you did get two shiners. 
Line those suckers: make a REALLY think line on top extending the full length of lid, but make sure to taper it slightly when you approach the inner corner.  Keep it thicker towads the outer corner (you could even do  slight cateye effect).  Line the lashline of your bottom lid too, but much more thinly.

The two brushes I used.
The uber-fluffy one was for the eyeshadow,
and I used a lip brush to darken my brows, which is probably
heinously blasphenous, but I'm poor, and I gots what I gots.
3.) Two words:  Black. Shadow.  Take a thick, gentle brush and dip it lightly in the black eyeshadow, lightly tapping off any extra.  Then, starting at the outside of the lid so it receives the greatest concentration of shadow, basically cover your lid in shadow.  Repea on both eyes, then look in the miror and even eveythig out to your satisfaction.  Feel free to create a shape that is the most flattering to your face.

4.) Add some light black shadowing underneath your eyes as well.  Create depth and widen your eyes: don't add so much that you look sleepy.  Focus on the outer corner.

5.) Add white shadow to the inner corners and your browbone.

6.) I decided my eyebrows needed darkening.  Thick brows are en vogue right now, and it gave the look more PUNCH.  Win-win.

7.) Apply many coats of mascara.

8.) Finish off the look by adding a high-shine gloss to your nude lip.

Wish my lips were nude-r.
So anyway, there we go.  OH BUT WAIT!  I nearly forgot the last and most crucial step:



A boring look at the final product.

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