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Sunday Funday

Rocking the suburbs and the neutrals on another warm January day.
Look: my new hat (purchased yesterday)!  Hats add instant drama and mystique to an outfit's vibe...I love that (because, while I wish I was an elegant, mysterious female, I'm totally not: at least I can dress like one thanks to hats).

Had lunch with two old friends of mine--such old friends they lived through my dress-like-a-boy-and-only-wear-black-and-grey phase (why they were brave enough to stick around me, I have no idea)--and I adored the fact that they were excited to see what I'd be wearing when I showed up (which was actually on time, for once).  They told me they like to see what outlandish things I take and make fabulous.  :)  Such an amazing compliment...makes me want to take more risks.

Hat: ForLove21
Button-up: Gap
Tee: ?
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: some little shop in Chicago I wish I could remember
Bag: thrifted Louis Vuitton (!!!)
Jacket: JouJou

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